Compare Blendtec® to Bosch®, Kitchen Aid® and Vita-Mix

Compare Blendtec® to Bosch® to Kitchen Aid®

Comparison Sheet
Blendtec® Mix-N-Blend II Bosch® Universal Plus  Kitchen Aid®
$399.99 $469.00 $449.00
1000 watts 800 watts 575 Watts
5 Auto mixer cycles no auto programs no auto programs
8 Auto blender cycles no auto programs no auto programs
5 QT mixer bowl 6.5 QT bowl 6 QT bowl
AutoKnead for bread no auto programs no auto programs
18 Cups Flour power 18 Cups Flour power 15 cups flour power
Excellent for large and small batch bread making, small/large cookie batches, small/large cake mixes, one egg white. Excellent for bread making, whips too much air into regular cake mixes, and is difficult to whip one egg white due to design. Excellent for regular mixing but is limited when attempting to make larger batches of bread. Bread dough climbs up shaft and is difficult to clean.
10 speeds, timer and pulse buttons 4 speeds 10 speeds
Includes blender, dough hook, whisks, cookie paddles Includes blender, dough hook and whisks Includes Flat Beater, Dough Hook, & Wire Whip.   No Blender
Outperforms Bosch® on small batches and matches Bosch® on large bread batches in less time! Limited use on small batches and cake mixes due to limited speed variables. Great for large batches of bread. Outperforms Bosch® on small batches and can't complete on large batches of bread.
Blender has programs for ice cream, soup, grinding wheat, smoothies, sauces, ice crushes, bean flour, etc. No tamper needed Blender has no auto programs. Needs a tamper, design is not conducive to making ice creams, soups, or grinding wheat to fine flour. No Blender
Attachments come completely apart for easy cleaning. Need to remove center bar for cleaning the bowl column. Easy cleaning with stainless steel bowl
64 oz BPA free blender jar 50 oz blender jar No blender
Multiple Attachments Multiple Attachments Multiple Attachments
3 yr warranty on motor 3 yr warranty on motor 1 yr free replacement warranty
2 yr parts and labor 1 yr on all else n/a
1 yr on blender jar n/a n/a
After testing the Blendtec® Mix-n-Blend II, Kitchen Aid® and the Bosch® Universal Kitchen Machine side by side, they are somewhat similar on the mixing side, with the Blendtec® easier to use because of its intuitive user controls and bowl design. As we compared the mixing capabilities, the Blendtec® Mix-n-Blend II outperformed the Bosch® Universal Kitchen Machine and the Kitchen Aid® on many levels. The AutoKnead function on the Blendtec® really takes the guesswork out of making bread, it will auto shut off when the gluten is formed in the bread. The Blendtec® mixer will perform with the same functionality as the Kitchen Aid® and the Bosch® combined with a lot more power! The Blendtec® blender has the same functionality as the Vita-Mix, able to make ice cream, soup and grind wheat into fine flour. Because of the square jar design, a tamper is not needed. The blade assembly is permanent in the jar making cleanup a breeze! The Bosch® blender needs to be completely dissembled, dried then put back together. The Blendtec® blender really outshines the Bosch® blender by a mile.  A nice feature of the Blendtec® Mix-n-Blend II is that it is able to fit under most kitchen cabinets while fully assembled. The compact footprint makes it a complete kitchen center that stays on your counter and can replace up to 7 different appliances.

Compare Blendtec® to Vita-Mix

Comparison Sheet
Feature Blendtec® Blender Vita-Mix Super 5000
Horsepower 3 Peak HP 2 Peak HP
Weight 6.8 lbs 10.7 lbs
Under Cupboard Height 15.5" 20.5"
Dimensions 15.5" High 20.5" High
7" Wide 7.25" Wide
8" Deep 8.75" Deep
Speeds 10 Variable
Amps 13 amps 11.5 amps
Watts 1580 1320
Automatic Shutoff Yes No
Programmable Cycles Yes No
Number of Cycles 30 0
Computer Control Yes No
Sealed Control Panel Yes No
Jars - Wet/Dry Use Wet/Dry in one  1 Wet & 1 Dry Jar
Jar Size 64 oz. 64 oz.
Carafe Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Stainless Steel Blade Yes Yes
Blade Style 2 prong 4 prong
Tamper Included No- Doesn't need it.  Yes
Ease of Use Simple Simple
Loudness Moderate Very Loud
Break Resistant Carafe Yes Yes
User Control 6 One-Touch Buttons 30 Cycles High/Low Variable
Speed Knob
Warranty 3 years 7 years
Warranty on Coupling & Blade Lifetime 5 years
NSF Approved Yes No
Colors Available Black , White, Red, Marble Black, White or Red
Book/Manual Included Included
Makes Nut/Seed Butter Perfectly Great 
Grinds Flax and other seeds Yes Yes
Breads/Dough Yes Yes
Fruits and Vegetables Yes Yes
Retail Value $399.00 $515.00

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