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  1. I started attending the bread classes and the Tuesday night cooking classes a little over a month ago. Since then I am the proud owner of a BlendTec mixer/blender and the wheat mill. I am enjoying making breads of all kinds, and making various dishes from the recipes that have been given to us in class. A whole new world of cooking has opened up for me and I highly recommend the classes, the product and the friendship that is served up at FoodWise in Gilbert, AZ. Kristi and Brent had a vision and they are sharing that vision with many..Thank you both for blessing my life.
  2. We are thoroughly enjoying the Blendtec mixer/blender that we bought a week ago. We are making great nutritious dishes daily with it. We are thinking of buying a pasta maker for it now. Bonnie can’t say enough about the great food products she has purchased and is formulating her next order daily. She really performs magic in the kitchen. This week producing an awesome to-die-for multi bean and rice (all from your store) soup with ham added. I love her smoothies and coffee/ice cream from the Blendtec made from cappuccino drink from Costco. Blessings on you and your family and business, We love you guys!
  3. I just used my sourdough enhancer today and my bread turned out amazingly!! Thank you for your great products and wealth of information that you are so generous to share!
  4. A word of advice for those of you new to breadmaking. When making Ezekial bread never never leave it alone when it is going through it's resting "bubbling" stage! Just call me Lucy Ricardo! I left for about 4 minutes and came back to the Blob taking over my counter and kitchen. I won't even tell the rest of the story as I would probably use language not fit for a sailor!
  5. Just had to tell a story, I bought some of the taco TVP and I wanted to try it, I kept putting it off cuz my husband is soooooo soooo picky on foods . One night I thought I would try the TVP and fixed tacos and he asked for two more . I was so suprised and then I put some on a cheese chrisp and he liked it . I will continue to use this and try other TVP meats. I am very happy and excited to find some thing better than meat all the time.
  6. We just sent out an email with the following info so if you received the message feel free to post comments here, if you didn't receive the email and would like to be on out email list, sign up here:


    Update! We just contracted with a new supplier for 3.5, 5, and 6.5 gallon buckets as well as 55 Gallon water drums which means our prices have been lowered on these items—see table below. We also just received a new shipment of bung wrenches, coarse and fine threaded bungs and bucket lifters.

    As per your request we are now carrying 25 lbs flour and sugar packaged in 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids for your food storage needs.

    Next new item on the list is Grapeseed oil.

    Just a reminder that we have published a calendar on the Web site at: Remember that there is NO CLASS on May 25th and next month we start cooking with grains!

    Besides the new prices listed below we have our Bosch mixers on special through Memorial day at $399.00 (that includes the blender) and we are keeping our Nutrimill prices at $249.00 through the holiday. 

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    3.5 G bucket $4.50
    5 G bucket $5.50
    6.5 G bucket $6.50
    55 Gallon Drum $48.95
    Bung Wrench $5.50
    Bucket Lifter $4.99
    Grapeseed Oil 3 liters $26.99
    Fine threaded bungs $2.50
    Coarse bungs $2.50
  7. So many customers want to know what we are cooking in class we decided to post it on our blog. Here are tonight's Rice class menu items:

    • Mediterranean Rice Salad
    • Spring Rolls
    • One-dish Rice and Meat Meal
    • Rice Flour Peanut Butter Cookies.

    Come hungry and we will see you at 7:00!

  8. Saturday! There are lots of things coming up this week. Today is the last day to take advantage of our Mother's Day specials on Nutrimills, Boschs' and Water storage barrels. Also don't forget Gift Certificates!

    A lot of customers have commented about the lack of "substance" on the Website. I apologize. We currently have over 1400 items in inventory but only 113 of them are listed on the Website. I am taking pictures and coding as fast as I can. If there is a product or item that you would like to see on the site please let us know. It will get priority. For Instance we just had a customer wanting to purchase gift cards for Mother's day so she called us up with the request and now you can buy gift cards on-line in $5, $10, $20 or $50 denominations. So be patient and let us know what you want. You can also download the store brochure here to see what items we do carry in the store. We are constantly receiving NEW items that have not been published in the brochure yet such as freeze dried Jalapeños, freeze dried onions, freeze dried garlic and gluten-free flour.

    Classes! This Monday, May 11th FoodWise is hosting a pH HEALTH & COOKING CLINIC given by Barry and Sue Wilcox renowned nutritional Microscopist, Alkaline Food Specialist & Authors of:  “Change Your FOOD…Change Your LIFE”. This reserved seating class will provide Recipes for an ALKALINE Lifestyle, allow you to look at food & drink in a whole new light, learn how easy it is to improve your health and to prepare & cook alkalizing meals. This class will teach you how to “pH” balance your body & rid your-self of many harmful acids & toxins. Class time is 10:00 A.M.- 12:30 P.M. the Fee is $45.00 here at FoodWise — 854 E. Williams Field Rd #105, Gilbert, AZ 85295. The seating is by Reservation ONLY. Call Brenda at 480 452 4452 to RSVP.

    Also our regular free cooking class is Tuesday nights at 7:00pm. This month we are highlighting Rice.

    Have a GREAT Mother's Day, treat your Mom and/or wife extra special this whole weekend and don't forget to post your comments.

    Thanks everyone!
    Brent & Kristi


  9. This is the first entry in the FoodWise BLog "FoodWise-up". We want to provide a forum where our community can share ideas, ask questions, make reccomendations and most importantly...learn about nutrition, food storage preparation and how to save money!

    Foodwise has a little different concept on the principle of food storage. Rather than buy food that is not consumed and put away for times of need, we advocate building a food store with freeze dried and dehydrated foods for everyday use as well as long term storage. We premise the concept by encouraging people to store the basic 6 for each member of the family for a specified term of months. The basic six consists of grains, rice, beans, salt, sugar and milk. Water is of course stored as a given. Once the basics have been accounted for then start building on fruits, vegetables, dairy, spices, baking products, soup bases and TVP or meat extenders. Foodwise carries all the basics and additional items that you will need for a very well rounded food store!

    We package our food in #1 PETE containers sealed with oxygen packets for long term storage. We find that people will open a jar but are still hesitant to open a #10 can...go figure?  One thing is for sure you will never have the wonderful experience of that “tin” taste with our food. We also offer refills on our jars for just the cost of the food. Once you own our jars then you can refill them with any food we have for cost per ounce. It is our way of encouraging you to use the best food available (short of growing it in your own garden) each and every day. It becomes an easy task then to tackle each component in an orderly fashion.

    Most people will find that storing and using freeze-dried foods in our PETE #1 containers is an easy process for rotation and every day use. The nutrition of our foods is certifiably higher than any food you can buy in the grocery store, either fresh or frozen. You will not incur the expense of refrigerating or freezing either! But better yet, you will not be throwing away unused green peppers, onions, potatoes, green onions, jalapenos, celery, broccoli, berries, apples, etc.

    Each meal becomes an easy task of just preparing a basic and then supplementing with reconstituted fruits and vegetables. To rehydrate these foods just place in cold water for 15 minutes and voila you have “fresh” food to cook with at its peak of freshness and flavor. The only rule of thumb in this process is you must give each food back it’s identity before you cook with it …in other words rehydrate first with water. If you attempt to put dried food into your cooking before reconstituting it will take on the taste of the liquid you are using and will not taste like the intended food.

    We have free cooking classes on Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Each month we pick one of the basic 3 to highlight. May is rice, June focuses on grains, July will be a variety of beans then we start over again. The recipes we use are regular every day meals that we substitute with freeze dried foods instead of grocery “fresh” or “frozen”. You will notice the difference in taste and your body will respond to the nutrition! Our foods are organic and certified to be free of any microbiological agents such as salmonella, E coli, SBC, Listeria, etc. Please come by and try out our tasting bar, we are sure you will be surprised at the quality and wonderful taste of these foods. WE can help you get started with saving up to 50% on your grocery bill, building a food store and providing your family with the best nutrition available. Would love to hear your comments!! 

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